January 26, 2013

It’s kindy time

Yan Yan started going to the kindy this year, and it’s already the 4th week of school!  So this post is way too late L.

Prior to school reopening, she had been really excited as she can finally go to school, just like her jie-jie and the other kids at babysitter’s.

The first day of school, Yan Yan woke up on her own without me having to wake her.  She got ready in a jiffy and was all set for her first day.  She was in a jovial mood all the way to the kindy.  Jie-jie came along as she wanted to meet up with her previous teachers J  Kindy was scheduled to end at 10.30am for the first three days, so ample time to get herself ready for school in the afternoon session.

At kindy, Yan Yan got apprehensive, and didn’t want to join the other kids who were playing.  She preferred to just sit by the side and observed the going-ons, all the while insisting that either jie-jie or mummy sat next to her.  She stayed by the sideline for pretty much throughout the first day, loosening up a little towards the end when the children all gathered for the sing along session in the hall.  Coincidentally, her class teacher is Yiu Yiu’s 6-year old class teacher.

Saying her prayers before meal time 

 She preferred to just sit at the outer edge despite much coaxing asking her to join her classmates

Her jie-jie was by her side for most of the day

She enjoyed the singing session most 

At dismissal, we let her follow the transporter back to babysitter’s, with jie-jie accompanying her of course! When asked if she wanted to go to school again tomorrow, she said yes.

Day 2 was much better – she could detach herself from her jie-jie and joined in her friends for activities. At dismissal, she travelled alone in the transporter’s van. I expected her to cry when jie-jie didn’t get on the van but to my surprise, she waved goodbye to us happily.

Forming a choo choo train to go to the washroom 

 Getting a sticker from Teacher Nyin Yin for good behaviour

Something must have been so funny 

I couldn’t take leave on Day 3 so we pre-empted her that she’ll be on her own without mummy or jie-jie staying back in school with her. I was pleasantly surprised when she waved goodbye to me and walked calmly into the kindy with her teacher when I dropped her off.

Subsequent days:
Day 4 – no drama, gave her a hug and sent her off into kindy with her teacher leading her in.

Day 5 – took a turn for the worse. Insisted that mummy took her into the kindy and cried piteously when I wanted to drive off. No choice but to park my car, carried her and tried to calm her down. The teacher told her that mummy could only stay for five minutes and when the time was up, she took over and carried her into the building and she cried even more. I just let the teacher handle her, but crept in quietly behind just to observe how she was. She quietened down after a couple of minutes and I heard the teacher asking if she was ready to join the class. She must have said yes as the teacher then carried her into the class.

Day 6 – first thing she said when she woke up was that she didn’t want to go to school, she wanted to go to the babysitter instead. She was protesting thoughout the process of getting her ready. In the car, I pep talked her a little bit and she finally said, “OK lor, go to school lor.” I was prepared for another battle but to my surprise, she got down without a protest, and followed her teacher in.

Thereafter – no drama, willingly walked into the kindy with her teacher.

And so, save for the drama on Day 5, the little one is settling well into kindy. May the three years in kindy be an enriching experience for her.

My little one in her uniform on the third week
With her in kindy, there’ll be more to blog about, and more photos and videos to take so I probably need Cyberlink video editing suite.  Heading over to Cyberlink now to check out what’s available.


WK Liew said...

Depend on which side of the bed she wakes up I guess. But that day was so drama, luckily that was a one off :)

Hope she will enjoy kindy as much as her jie jie

Unknown said...

Oh my! She looks just like her jie jie in that uniform! I know another girl in her class... : ) William was from that class too last year and I miss that, it was a superb year for him with a great teacher.

Unknown said...

May I know which kindy yan yan went?? I am looking of it fornky daughter turns 5 yrs old next year.