December 31, 2012

2012 in retrospect

2012 breaks yet another record for this blog – an all-time low number of posts, 56 including this.  I guess as the girls grow older, there are fewer things to blog about.  Another reason is probably blogging fatigue, as things that I deemed blogworthy in the past doesn’t seem so now.

We started the year with a significant event – Yiu Yiu entering formal schooling.  She adapted well to school, though she didn’t do too well in her final exams.  She also took up gymrama as part of her co-curricular activities.  Then, she achieved another milestone with the loss of her first milk teeth, which had to be extracted as her permanent teeth were already cutting through her gum.  It took almost a year before she lost the next tooth, her upper incisor which dropped out on Christmas Day.  Another significant event for Yiu Yiu this year was becoming a 四眼妹 (four-eyed girl).  Speaking of which, I did not see her putting on her spectacles throughout the school holidays.  We also switched her to a new art centre, while she requested for a switch to violin lessons from her piano lessons.

Yiu Yiu seemed to have hogged the blog limelight this year.  Yan Yan, on the other hand, has had pretty much an uneventful year, save for the trip to A&E when she shoved a coffee bean up her nose J

I also ventured into baking buns, two years after owning a bread machine.  I baked a few times, and unfortunately lost steam again when Yiu Yiu’s interest in bringing buns to school for her break time waned.  No point to bake when there are no takers L  I may just pick this up again soon, coz Yan Yan is starting kindy next year, and she already asked for sausage buns to bring to school for snack time J

On the work front, I started a new job in September, after one year ten months in the previous job.  I surprised even myself for lasting that long in a job and company that I was so clearly unhappy with.  But on a positive note, my time there wasn't wasted – I learnt new things, developed new skills, and definitely emerged a stronger and better person.  I’m much happier in my current job, though I had been extremely busy due to two vacancy gaps in my team.  What made the hard work worthwhile is that good work I put in and the positive energy I brought into the company is being appreciated and recognised.  Work also took me to Beijing, Yangon, Seoul and Hong Kong this year.

It wasn’t all work and no play in 2012, though we really didn’t go on many trips this year.  We visited Koh Samui during the June school holidays, visited Pulau Ketam during one of the long public holiday weekend, and the Lost World of Tambun on Christmas Eve.

Last but not least, I just found out that my review on Kennedy's Grill scored a mention in the current Jackcow deal on the restaurant.

So that wraps up our 2012.  2013 will not be a dull year, with Yan Yan starting kindy and a holiday planned in March.

Wishing everyone a fulfilling and blessed 2013.


WK Liew said...

You can always bake buns for me also ma. If your daughters can't finish, I can finish them for you :)

Unknown said...

Happy new year to you! Tomorrow school starting again... uurrgghhh!!

chinnee said...

Am sure you are smiling when you were typing this. Beautiful memories right?

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - OK, next time I bake I pass some to you.

Irene - time flies, it's coming to end of Jan liao.

Chinnee - yeah, nice to relive the memories