December 29, 2012

Lost World of Tambun

We didn’t go for any family holidays this year end holidays, as I had been too busy at work.  So when sis suggested making a trip to the Lost World of Tambun, I readily agreed so that the girls would have some fun before school reopens.  We bought the Groupon vouchers, and went on Christmas Eve.  Apparently, half the state population decided to do the same – the park was teeming with people.  But it was a nice day for a visit – the sun decided to go into hiding, yet the rain didn’t make any appearance.

The Lost World of Tambun is run by the Sunway Group, so the overall concept and attractions is pretty similar to Sunway Lagoon.  What sets it apart is its location – amidst beautiful 400-million year-old natural limestone hills which are characteristic of Ipoh.

Cat statues guarding the entrance to the Lost World of Tambun (L), entrance to the Lost World of Tambun with the beautiful hills in the background

Similar to Sunway Lagoon, there’s the Water Park, Amusement Park and Petting Zoo.  Additionally, there’s also a Tiger Valley, Swan Lake, Tin Valley and Team Building Park.  A unique feature of Lost World of Tambun is the Hot Springs and Spa, and there are a number of pools and a steam cave where visitors can enjoy the health benefits of natural hot springs.

We started the day by visiting the Amusement Park, where the kids, and adults alike, enjoyed the three available rides.

Giddy Galleon

Dragon Flight

Top left: Yihao and I waiting for the ride to begin.  Bottom left: Yiu Yiu looking longingly from the edge - she couldn't get on the ride as she was just slightly below the height limit of 110cm.

Storm Rider

For younger children, there’s also a carousel.  There are also plenty of games stalls, fun fair style.

Then it was time for the children to hit the water – and they pretty much remained at Kid’s Explorabay, a kids only zone with slides and play area with tipping mine buckets, water cannons, water curtains, and fountains.  

They took a break for a while when we adults dragged them to the hot spring pools.  Water temperature in most of the hot spring pools exceeds 40 degrees centigrade but since it was a gloomy day, it was quite nice dipping into the hot water.

Saphira's Lair and Foot Spa

Clockwise from top left: Saphira's Lair, Top of the World Pool (this is supposed to be a jacuzzi but it was not switched on), Infinity Pool, Lost World Steam Cave (nature's sauna)

Towards evening, we wanted to catch the Adventure Express, the Lost World train that takes visitors on a big circle around the park but as the queue was long, we decided to walk instead.  We just missed the tiger feeding at the Tiger Valley, where two Siberian tigers roam freely in their enclosure.  The tigers look well-fed and well cared for, unlike tigers we’ve seen in some zoos.

A relatively new attraction is the Tin Valley, with exhibits depicting the history of tin mining in Perak.

Statues of elephants, depicting the mode of transportation in the mines in the olden days

Beyond the Tin Valley are the Needle of Tambun, a unique vertical rock formation that looks like a pencil from a distance, and the Team Building Park.

The Needle of Tambun was once part of an arch which was known many thousands of years ago as The Kingdom in the Sky.  It is all that remains after the fall of the arch.

We also visited the Petting Zoo, a well laid out area of 80,000 sq ft at the foot of the mountain.  The natural setting and vegetation has been pretty much preserved for the various small animals in the zoo.

Top from left: Raccoon, ferrets, white eared marmosets
Bottom from left: European hedgehogs, guinea pigs, striped skunk

Sis and I wanted to go on those adventurous slides at the water park but we didn't get the chance.  All our time was spent watching over them in the water, accompanying them on the kiddie rides, and bringing one after another to the toilet…haha.  But watching the kids having so much fun made it all worthwhile.


MeRy said...

SO fun..

WK Liew said...

Goes to prove that it's not necessary to go overseas for family holiday & for the kids to have fun.

Actually this holiday has been quite fruitful for the kids what with visits to indoor playground, Beauty & The Beast, visit to Pulau Ketam & of course Lost World of Tambun

chinnee said...

we did not go anywhere too this holiday. And everyday our days are packed with activies of kids and friends.

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - I know...they don't need fancy things/places to be happy.

Chinnee - good good. They will have fond memories of their holidays.

zmm said...

The needle of tambun is man made or what?
There was really an arch many years ago?