December 30, 2012

Beauty & the Beast – The Musical

Younger sis got some free tickets to the Beauty & the Beast – the Musical at Sunway Lagoon Ampitheatre earlier this month, so she, together with elder sis, brought the three older cousins for a treat.  Will let the photos do the talking:

Look at Yihao's expression - it's as if he was saying, "Help, I've got two girls by my side and I don't know how to deal with this!" :-)

They got really good seats - third row from the stage

Left: The village scene, Right: Gaston surrounded by girls

The witch who cast the spell on the Beast

Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and ....??

Beauty and the Beast having their supper

The Beast transformed back into a handsome prince 

Closing scene with members of the cast all together


WK Liew said...

The kids also enjoyed the train ride to & fro Amphitheatre very much

Unknown said...

Wow, free tickets? How ler? Did both girls enjoyed the musical? I don't think my boy will sit still now, especially now that he is too big to be confined to the stroller. Looks nice, I've not been to a musical for a long time...

chinnee said...

so nice to get free tickets. haven't brought my kids to any musical show until now. don't think my boys can sit through the whole show.

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - good that they enjoyed their night.

Irene - courtesy of my sister's friend. Yes, Yiu Yiu enjoyed the musical.

Chinnee - maybe when they are older.