February 09, 2013

Hello Kitty Town

During the recent long Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and Thaipusam weekend (which included a self-declared holiday on Friday), we headed down south to Nusajaya to visit some of the attractions.  We started the journey on Thursday morning, making a pit stop in Seremban for brunch.  After a few more stops along the way, we reached the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park at about 3pm.  Tickets to Hello Kitty Town is RM 50 each, for ages 3 and above.  The combo ticket, priced at RM 85 each, would have been a better deal as it includes entry into both Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club.  We didn’t opt for it coz we wouldn’t have enough time to cover both, since the park closes at 6pm.  Anyway, Hello Kitty was the reason we were there in the first place.

At the entrance

Hello Kitty World occupies an entire floor but it isn’t that big, really.  There are several activities station, including Nail Salon, Jewellery Making Workshop, Costume Dress-up and Cookie Studio.  The girls enjoyed painting their nails and decorating them with nail stickers, as well as decorating Hello Kitty cookies with chocolate sauce and strawberry jam.  They couldn’t really handle the tool at the Jewellery Making Workshop, so papa ended up making the bracelets for them.  We gave the Costume Dress-up a miss as the costumes didn’t look that attractive and were too huge for them to put on. 

At the Nail Salon

Cookie Studio  

Decorating and then eating their Hello Kitty cookies

Jewellery Studio

 I was disappointed they didn't have Hello Kitty pendants!

The little one also enjoyed the Tea Cup Rides.  Though we went on a public holiday, the place wasn’t crowded at all so we didn’t have to queue for any of the activities.

There was a live performance, the Hello Kitty Heartful Journey but it was nothing to shout about – it appeared like a really low cost production.  What saved the show was the cuteness of Kitty and Daniel J

Hello Kitty, Daniel and their friends made an appearance again during the Hello Carnival Parade with lots of singing and dancing.  I was surprised the characters didn’t linger to take photos with visitors after the parade so for the entire time we were there, there was no photo opportunity with Hello Kitty at all.

A key feature is the Kitty’s House, a Hello Kitty-themed house complete with living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, all decorated with Hello Kitty paraphernalias.  Though not a die-hard Hello Kitty fan, I found the house pretty cute.

 Gorgeous details on the door

Couch with Hello Kitty ribbon detail - unfortunately hidden behind me

Kitchen, bathroom (wonder why it's blue and not pink :-)), part of the bedroom, walk-in wardrobe

Another attraction is the Black Wonder, with a maze and puzzles which you must solve to rescue Kitty and Daniel.  We didn’t bother with the puzzles but just took a walk around the room which was designed like an ancient castle, unlike the rest of the bright and cheery environment.

Personally, there really isn’t much to do or see in there, so it's not worth making a trip to JB if it's just for Hello Kitty.  Even the girls, who were totally excited at the beginning of the visit, were bored after some time. 


Small Kucing said...

oohhh that bad ah...

MeRy said...

It seem not much thing to explore in HK town.....

Kit said...

RM50 per entry and they were bored LOL

I know I would be too since all you do is look at Hello Kitty stuff.

You're a nice mom to bring them there. No way would I bring my kids there!

chinnee said...

thanks for sharing. Somehow everyone gave the same feedback and it gives me a feeling that this place could not sustain for long. Perhaps they could do better if its located in KL ya...

A Mom's Diary said...

Small Kucing/Me Ry - yup, memang not much to see.

Kit - we were in JB for Legoland mainly for HK Town was just a by the way trip.

Chinnee - if the entrance fee is not so cut-throat, I think more people may not mind going.