March 05, 2013

Pet snake, anyone?

I listen to MixFM on my way to work daily.  There’s a segment in the morning show called Dilly’s Daily Dilemma whereby listener can call in with their problem, and Dilly, the host, will open the lines up to listeners to call in with their recommended solutions.  Today’s problem was really one of its kind – a guy called to say that his 18-year old brother acquired a pet recently – not the regular hamster, rabbit, kitten or puppy BUT a snake!  He probably got too carried away with the Year of the Snake J  So the caller was in a dilemma as the whole family is not comfortable with the presence of the snake in the house, yet the 18-year old refused to give up his pet.

I’ve never had a pet all my life but the girls have on occasions asked for one and I’ve steadfastly said no.  No way was I gonna commit to looking after the pet, in addition to looking after the girls and the household, while holding a full time job.  Luckily they have also not been persistent with their request – they are probably put off by the idea of having to clean up the pet’s poo J

We had, on two occasions, been given a tiny guppy fish.  We simply kept the fish in a glass jar filled with tap water.  One survived for a couple of days, while another one lasted only one day.  Poor poor fishes!  Come to think of it, fishes are probably the easiest to keep as pets for the girls.  I just need to get proper aquarium filters from

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WK Liew said...

Er u sure you want to get fishes for your gals? U still need to change water & clean up the aquarium once in a blue moon wo