March 23, 2013

Of school holidays and homework

Yay, school holidays are upon us again!  Even though it’s just for a short one week, I welcome the respite it offers – a break from rushing in the morning getting the girls ready, and clearer traffic to work.  But what I look forward most during the school holidays is the respite from homework!

With the new KSSR syllabus, there really isn’t that much homework, compared to the horror stories I heard with the old syllabus.  Nonetheless, it still stresses me out as I have to ensure I get home early enough to coach Yiu Yiu with her homework.  Otherwise, she’ll end up doing her homework late into the night and not getting enough sleep – she needs to wake up early even though she attends the afternoon session as we drop her off at the daycare in the morning before work.  Sigh!  Perhaps I should engage the service of a Los Angeles tutor to relieve me of this stress.

But perhaps I am just being overly concerned – after all, she’s only in Standard 2.  I didn’t have any tutor until I was in upper secondary.  But then again, the standard of the syllabus now is definitely way more difficult than it was years ago.  Little wonder why the private tutor industry is thriving so well, with establishments such as VarsityTutors springing up like mushrooms after the rain.

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