March 23, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year has come and gone…it’s a little late but here’s a round-up of the celebration this year.

We made kuih kapit – this was the only CNY delicacy we (sis, mum and I) made.  I get my supplies of CNY cookies as gifts from MIL and babysitter, both prolific bakers.  My babysitter even makes and sells home-made prawn crackers!

 Making kuih kapit

My CNY goodies 

As usual, CNY is a time for gathering with family, relatives and friends, with lots and lots of food.

It was a wet CNY in Kuantan, and it rained everyday throughout our stay, except for the 3rd day of CNY, and we took the respite from the rain to visit Teluk Chempedak beach.  The girls had a blast with their cousins.

We headed back to Ipoh on the 4th day of CNY.  The highlight of CNY in Ipoh over the past few years has been the fireworks and sparklers that sis bought for the kids, and this year is no different.

We also celebrated two birthdays throughout CNY – an early one for MIL since everyone was back, and Valentine’s cum birthday celebration for sis.

(L) PIL with their grandchildren (R) Sis with her nephews and nieces

On the 14th day of CNY, we attended a charity dinner for the underprivileged (children and old folks).  There were some performances and one of which was the Gangnam dance, which got some of the old folks on their feet and doing the Gangnam!  Nice!

 Gangnam dance on and off the stage

And here’s the girls’ loot.  I have a confession – I haven’t even banked in their loot from 2012!  I hope I won’t wait till CNY 2014 to bank these in.

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