June 30, 2013


During Yiu Yiu’s birthday last year, I took leave with the intention of bringing her and Yihao to Kidzania but unfortunately, since it was nearing year end holidays, there were loads of school trips and tickets were sold out.  As her school declared a holiday on Ching Ming, I took the opportunity to bring them there.

Looks like I wasn’t the only parent from her school to do that – we met so many of her school mates, even her Standard 1 class teacher brought her twin sons to Kidzania that day J

Anyway, the kiddos enjoyed themselves very much, and earned plenty of Kidzos throughout the day.  The only disappointment was not able to become a fire-fighter, as the queue was long the entire time we were there.  We thought of trying our luck nearing the end of the day, but unfortunately, we were too late.  By the time we got there, the queue for the last session was closed.

So these were what they tried out:

First stop - learning to become a dentist

In the queue to get into the cockpit to pilot the plane

Ready for action - all scrubbed and dressed in surgical gown

Looking into the lungs of a patient with lung cancer

Policewoman cordoning off the hotel on fire for the firemen to extinguish the fire

Marching back to the station after their duty

Yiu Yiu was the prosecutor while Yihao was the witness in this trial

Trying to break free from the jail

It was a long day and we were all hungry so they went to Marrybrown to make their own burgers for late lunch

 Phua Chu Kang would be proud of her! 

Depositing her kidzos after a hard day's work


WK Liew said...

Not bad, they managed to do so many vocations. The police shirt is super big for Yiu Yiu

Unknown said...

Wow... That is indeed a lot of work for a day!! Even I feel tired looking at the pictures... Hehehe.

Ai Sakura said...

always hear such good stuff about Kidzania.. I think there's going to be one in Singapore soon. Can't wait for that!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka