July 06, 2013

Kindy mid-year party

Yan Yan’s mid-year party came amidst a busy period for me and the theme was “Occupation”.  I left it till very last minute to try to look for a costume and few of the shops we contacted either had all their occupation-themed costumes rented out, or some were too large for her.  I tried hard to think of stuff at home that we could pull together something for her, and decided that she should go as a gymnast.  Easy, just wear her jie-jie gymrama costume, and paired it with the rope apparatus J

Unlike previous years, parents were not allowed to stay for the party since classes are currently being held in a smaller temporary building (the management is reconstructing a larger building for the kindy).  By the time we arrived, the teachers were already shooing parents away so I wasn’t even allowed to go into the classroom.  I had to plead with the teacher at the door to let me in for just a couple of minutes, which luckily she kindly allowed.  So I just quickly snapped a few shots L  Lesson learnt: must arrive early for the year end party!


WK Liew said...

Yan Yan so cham!! Lucky still got her jie jie gymrama costume

Kit said...

That's a really nice party and I'm impressed there's even a mid-year party. Yan Yan looks so cute!

Sigh, my tot's preschool is as boring as bread. I think she has more fun at home...