July 16, 2013

Teacher’s Day celebration

A week or two after the school holidays, there was a Belated Teachers’ Day celebration.  Yiu Yiu class teacher volunteered her class for a performance, which I think is such a nice thing to do to provide the children an opportunity to go on stage and showcase themselves.  I'm guessing the teacher needed to take the extra efforts to choreograph and organise practice sessions with the children.

To show my support, I sneaked out from work for a while to catch her class performance.  She did a split with another classmate, but unfortunately, it was over in a split second, and as my camera was not at the right setting, it turned out all blurry.

Signalling to her classmate before their turn to go upfront for their split

 Solo violin performance by a Standard 2 student

Performance by her gymrama mates - these are the older girls in her gymrama class.  Hmm...I wonder if she'll be good enough to have a chance to perform/compete someday.

Wushu performance by her classmates 

Class photo

With her BFF, who happens to be my colleague's niece

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