July 14, 2013

Girls’ progress at school

Yan Yan is not doing too well in kindy apparently!  At the recent Parents-Teachers Day, I was informed by her class teacher that she categorized her in the slow learner group!  After half a year in kindy, she still doesn’t know her ABCs and 123s L  The teacher asked if I spend time coaching her at home, and the answer is an obvious, deafening NO!

Yan Yan, unfortunately suffers from the second child syndrome.  Hard as I try, Yan Yan just didn’t quite get the same undivided attention her elder sister got when she was younger.  There was no flashcards, no baby books, and no teaching of ABCs and 123s before she went to the kindy.  I just didn’t, or rather can’t, do everything I did with Yiu Yiu, with her, simply because I didn’t have the time nor energy!

The teacher advised me to spend more time coaching her, and take every opportunity to teach her things, e.g. reading out loud the number plate of cars as we drive.  So it’s time to bring out the flash cards and the Grolier Fun Thinkers set we bought two years ago.

The Grolier Fun Thinkers set, in the foreground

Never too late to start, I reckon, as every little bit counts.  Only problem is, how do I juggle work, housework, coaching Yiu Yiu with her homework, and spending time with Yan Yan on this?  I can only try…


Yiu Yiu on the other hand, is doing pretty ok.  She was placed within top 30% out of 593 students in Standard 2.  There is visible improvement in her BM and Chinese this year.  I can see that she doesn’t struggle as much in reading and comprehending both languages.  She fared a lot better in her BM this round, compared to the last term whereby she was pulled her down drastically by BM.

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LittleLamb said...

Dont worry too much ok. Each child will learn in their own unique way. Of course as parents, we worried especially going to SJKC.