July 28, 2013

Yan Yan turns four

Yan Yan turned four on Monday.  And since her papa’s birthday is just two days apart, we celebrated both together with a family dinner last Sunday at myElephant.

Birthday girl 

Me and my precious 

 We ordered our fave durian mousse cake again.

The girls with the babysitter, and her sisters and niece.

Yiu Yiu drew this on the mahjong paper covering the table while waiting for our food 

Yummylicious food - Top from left: myElephant's platter, green mango salad with crispy fish, green curry chicken. Middle from left: pan fried mixed greens, myElephant's special deep fried chicken strips, BBQ chicken fillet with lemongrass.  Bottom from left: steamed tofu with Thai soya sauce, snow fish, tomson with fish

As Yan Yan has been exposed to several celebrations of her classmates in kindy earlier this year, she has asked to celebrate with her friends as well.  I was initially slated to fly to Bangkok on Monday morning, and return on Wednesday evening, and Thursday being the kindy’s sports day and Friday a public holiday, I thought we would not be able to fulfill her request.  Just before my ticket was issued last week, I was informed that I only need to arrive at the hotel on Monday evening so I quickly changed my flight to a later one, and began the last minute scramble to organize a small celebration for her…things that mothers do for their children!

First was to get clearance from the kindy, as the SOP is to inform the kindy as least seven days in advance, and I was like sending a request to the kindy only on Wednesday night!  Luckily the kindy was kind enough to accommodate this last minute request.  Next was the quest to look for someone to bake the cupcakes.  I contacted several bakers I know and eventually placed an order with Jenn, the mother of Yiu Yiu’s ex-classmate in kindy.  At RM 95 for 25 small cupcakes, I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Next was the party packs, and luckily I didn’t have to work over the weekend and had time to go shopping and prepared the packs.  Each party pack consists of a sticker (for boys) or temporary tattoo (for girls), a mechanical pencil, a small tub of PlayDoh, KitKat and Mamee.

On Monday morning, I fried some nuggets and off we went to the kindy.  We had the celebration earlier, about 9am, instead of the usual 10am at break time, as the children had their sports practice after that.

Yan Yan with her classmates

Her classmates singing the birthday song

Her class teacher leading the students in praying for Yan Yan

Yan Yan was a very happy girl on that day – I bet she felt like a superstar having her classmates shake her hand one by one before passing the party pack to them.  Too bad I don’t have any photos of that, as some of the photos were corrupted when I downloaded them L  By the way, I overheard one boy saying that “My mummy says cannot eat Mamee.  Mamee is a junk food.”  Haha…I must have upset some mums that day, introducing junk food to their children.

This was the present she chose from ToysRUs for her birthday – of all things, a baby set, despite already having a toy baby and dozens of soft toys at home J


WK Liew said...

I want the photos

Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday Yan Yan. May you stay happy and healthy always

SleeplessInKL said...

Belated happy birthday, Yan Yan! Seems like only yesterday you were a tiny baby huhu...

Kit said...

Happy birthay, Yan Yan!!!

Your mummy did pretty well despite it being a last minute effort LOL

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday to Yan2