July 31, 2013

TJC sports day

The event was originally planned to be held at the Kelana Jaya Stadium but due to the recent haze situation, the kindy decided not to take the risk and moved it to the Sports Arena @ Sentosa, apparently belonging to Dato’ Lee Chong Wei.  It was a good move, as the haze did return slightly a few days that week, though the arena wasn’t really the best place for the event.  There was a lack of seats for parents, and since it’s an indoor, confined area, the photos didn’t turn out that well too L

Anyhow, the theme for the sports day was Space, and during the march in, each class held a placard with astronauts, spaceships, etc.

 Marching in

Waiting for the start of the event

 Showing me her cheeky face

After the speeches by Pastor Daniel Ho and the principal, the event started with a performance by the 5-year old children.

Immediately after that, the games began.  The name of each game was also aligned with the theme with names like Alien’s Busters Workout, Strike of the Jedi, Star Trail, Space Hop, Wall-E & the Space Granite, Space Escapee, Astronaut Relay and Meteor Shower.

Alien's Buster Workout - crawl like an alien, jump on the hula hoop and throw the ball into the basket

Strike of the Jedi - running zigzag on a spaceship, and strike the ball with the light saber

Star Trail - balancing the ball on a platter, collecting hula hoops and placing them back again on return

Space Hop - hop on the hula hoop, collect a ball and place it into a basket

Wall-E & the Space Granite - skipping through the hula hoops, and balancing a ball

Astronaut relay - hopping with a ball between the legs and balancing objects on the head and hands

Yan Yan took part in the Space Escapee game, and I thought her team came up first but it was recorded as 2nd place.  Oh well!  Every one gets a medal anyhow!  

Yan Yan getting ready for her event

Space Escapee - crawling through the tunnel, and throwing ball over the net 

 She was mighty pleased with her performance


There were games for parents too.

 Parents game 1 - stacking a pyramid

Parents game 2 - dressing a robot 

Waiting for the prize giving ceremony 

(L): Getting her medal (R): Children examining their medal 

With her classmate, Sean.

 Yan Yan was so proud of her medal that she was showing it around to everyone at babysitter’s home.  But her enthusiasm with the medal lasted all but one day J


Small Kucing said...


Last for only one day? what happen to the medal now?

WK Liew said...

Hahahaha she so so cute. She is very photogenic la. Love to see her different expressions :)