August 03, 2013

StART Society My Story concert

My sister got some free tickets to the above so we took the kids to the concert.

This was the 3rd annual concert of the StART Society, a charity organization dedicated to providing underprivileged children with opportunity to develop their artistic skills.  The children come from various welfare homes and provided with free classes in art, drama, singing, dancing, instruments and lifeskills (e.g. character, relationships, grooming).

*StART is founded on the conviction that arts provide children with the capacity to express, find and stretch themselves and in so doing, build a better world for themselves.  Through the healing and liberating power of the arts, StART provides underprivileged and at-risk children a safe format to express and articulate emotions, and for them to learn and grow into confident, responsible Malaysians.  The ultimate hope is for these children to break out of the cycle of poverty and crime by using the arts as a tool for intervention, therapy, esteem building and career prospecting.  StART also goes the extra mile by helping deserving students obtain scholarships from reputable college-universities.  To date, 22 students have received full scholarships from various institutions.

I was really touched by the mission and the good work of the people at StART, providing this opportunity to these underprivileged children.

 The opening choir - My Story theme song

 The StART Orff Ensemble playing two songs

Drama titled "Happy Memories" by the StART Drama Group.  The children told a story of how they look out for each other at the homes. 

"Kiss You" by the StART Dance Corps 

Guest performance by Juwita Suwito - I honestly have no idea who she is 

Solo piano performance - "Sundial Dreams"

"Oh Danny Boy" by the StART Guitar Ensemble 

"Sad Realities" by the StART Drama Group where the children shared the personal circumstances which resulted in them being in the homes

The StART Vocal Ensemble singing "What Are Words" 

Guest performance by Prema Yin - another local artist whom I have no clue about

A joint performance by the StART Choir & Dance Corp 

 StART Drumline presenting "Our Beat"

Another drama titled "A Hopeful Future" where the children shared on their dreams and hopes for the future.  The boy on the right had the audience in stitches with his impersonation of a French chef. 

Another guest performance by Liang, who was also emcee for the night.  Apparently he's touted as Malaysia's own Brian McKnight.

The last performance, a Teacher-Student Quartet.  The guy is Joshua Lee, program director at StART Society

Sitting through the performance that night, I have no doubt that StART Society is making a definite impact to the lives of some 220 children who had passed through their doors, and more in the future.

*Information obtained from StART website and brochure.

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