September 16, 2013

Mid-year holiday in Penang – Part 2

After a leisurely late breakfast, we hit the beach, and both girls were happily playing and chasing bubbles.  Yiu Yiu asked for a horse ride and we obliged, but the little one was too afraid to ride along.  We spent a bit more time on the beach before the girls went back to the water play area.

We then checked out and went on a mission to hunt down the rest of Zacharevic’s street art.  Since it was getting late, and we didn’t want to waste time looking for them, we did the touristy thing and hired two trishaws to take us around J  There were quite a number of new paintings around, not sure if the new ones were painted by Zacharevic too.  There were lots and lots of welded iron wall caricatures all over town as well.

Stumbled upon this quaint vintage toys museum 

Doing the touristy thing 

Boy on a chair 


Old motorcycle 

Kids on bicycle 

Dying art 

Boy pulling dinosaur - unfortunately the dinosaur is hardly visible now 

Cat waiting to pounce on rat 

Grandmother with Superman grandson 

Basketball game 

Kids on swings 

Kungfu girl 

Trishaw man 

We left Penang about 5pm.  We had initially wanted to let the girls experience taking the Penang ferry but it was raining the day we reached Penang so we thought we’d do it on the way back.  Unfortunately, both konked out as soon as we got into the car so there goes the ferry plan, again.  We stopped by for dinner at Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Tambun before heading home.

Restaurant by the river 

Girls KO'ed

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Unknown said...

So interesting... and where is this place with all these paintings again... sorry I'm so blur... and who or what is Zacharevic?

Been to penang few times but always go makan only. I think next time I better do something else...

Love ALL your pics!