December 15, 2013

Yiu Yiu's first gymrama grading cum competition

Wow! In the blink of an eye, this blog has been silent for three whole months!

(Dusting cobwebs off...)  Ok now, have many posts coming up...just hoping I have more time to edit all the photos to go with the posts.  Lets start with a simple one.

Yiu Yiu had her first rhythmic gymnastics grading examination cum competition yesterday.  She took part in only two out of three routines (free hand and ball) for her grade, Little Gymnast.  She almost didn't make it for the grading as she missed several classes in October as her daycare organized revision classes to prepare them for the year-end examination, which clashed with the timing of her rhythmic gymnastics classes.  After that, we were away for two weeks in Australia and she only attended three classes prior to the grading.  As such, she didn't have time to learn the last apparatus, the rope, and there are lots of room for improvement in terms of her techniques.  In any case, I'm pleased that she still gave it her best, and I am sure it was a good experience for her.

Practicing before her turn for the grading 

Here's the'll see that her timing was not aligned with the music, and she ended her routine before the music ended.


She didn't win any medals, which were awarded to the top five gymnasts for each routine, and overall score.  We still don't yet know if she passed her two routines - will have to wait for the organizer to tabulate the judges' score.

A shot with her coach and training partners 

Waiting for the results announcement


Small Kucing said...

she have good posture

SleeplessInKL said...

ohh she looks she cute! practice some more, yiu yiu and make mommy proud ;)

Unknown said...

Well done yiu yiu! Very graceful!

Kit said...

I think it's great she can attend a gymnastics class! As long as she enjoys it and progressing well, I would continue it, in my case.

Looking for dance classes too next year :)

ZMM said...

Her outfit is nice!!!

Zaria failed her rope routine b'cos she forgot her steps!!