December 21, 2013

Yiu Yiu’s 8th birthday celebrations

My first born turned eight on Nov 1.  We celebrated her birthday with family members and the babysitter’s family, as usual, accompanied by her favourite durian mousse cake.

Birthday girl

Our sinful spread of mostly meat and pasta

Eyeing her birthday cake.  We actually forgot to bring our own candles (which didn't come with the cake) so had to borrow from the restaurant :-)

With their babysitter - she probably spent more time watching them grow than I did :-(

One for the family
A couple of weeks before her birthday, she asked if we could have a small party at home so that she could invite some friends over and I resolutely said no…no way was I gonna kill myself planning for the party amidst a very busy period at work, as well as planning and working out the final logistics for our 2-weeks holiday in Australia.  She didn’t give up, and kept asking – along the way, her papa said “Do la, a simple one, since they may not be in the same class next year.  Just buy KFC and pizza.”  I finally relented, but I can’t bring myself to just settle for KFC and pizza.

I know I won’t be able to prepare a decent variety of food on my own so I started sourcing for a caterer who would take my small order (most caterers have a minimum order of 50 pax) of simple party food like spaghetti, sandwiches, yam cake and boxing chicken, while I added on some nuggets, sausage puff and fruits.
I also managed to get some party decorations, and put together enough cutesy stuff for party packs (since it was an all-girls party).  Next was to think about how to occupy the girls’ time at the party so I bought some felt craft materials, and hired a balloonist recommended by a friend after seeing my SOS message on FB J  And ordered some cupcakes as well.  All done in a few stressful days.

The birthday girl, meanwhile, had been gathering the phone numbers of the parents of several classmates from school and daycare whom she wanted to invite so I simply texted them the invitation.

And the party took place two on Sunday, two days after her actual birthday.

Girls busying themselves with the stitching up the felt pencil holder 

Balloons time

The balloonist facilitated some party games too

Singing birthday song

Yan Yan mutilating the fondant Hello Kitty

Birthday presents - mainly cutesy notebooks with lock, and storybooks 


Cutella said...

Best wishes for the birthday celebrant..

Kit said...

I feel for you, dear and I can imagine it all. All in all, Beautiful memories for her photo album, Mom! Hope the Papa helped and you showed up for work on Mon LOL