December 31, 2013

Hi-5 concert

I was having a meeting with my colleague and the events company to discuss on some logistics for an event we are planning for next year.  We were discussing venue options when KLPAC came into the discussion.  The person from the events company mentioned that they will be running an event there on Dec 27 for my previous company.  It turned out to be the Hi-5 concert!  She mentioned that she has extra tickets, as most of her staff are not married and so, no children to bring to the concert – so I became the happy recipient of five complimentary tickets.

So on that day, sis and I, together with four kiddos, made our way to KLPAC.  We weren’t sure if they would allow six of us to enter with five tickets, but sis was prepared to just wait outside and do her work in case they didn’t allow.  Luckily, we met my ex-colleague who not only gave us an extra entry ticket, but passes for the Meet & Greet session after the concert.

The children enjoyed themselves tremendously – singing and dancing along to the songs.  Even I enjoyed their lively and fun performance.


After the show, as we were going out from KLPAC, we stopped to take some photos at the beautiful old KTM warehouse (?), but a guard promptly came and stopped us, citing private property of YTL!  He even stayed to ensure we got into our car and drove off, before riding away.  Ceh!
This was the only photo I managed to take before being chased away

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