July 19, 2014

Progress in school

In the recent mid-year exam, Yiu Yiu just made it to the upper half of her whole standard three of close to 600 students.  Her BM pulled her down, scoring only 54 for Pemahaman and 68 for Penulisan.  I am still resisting sending her to tuition but it looks like I may have to, sooner or later, as the standards are pretty high.

She submitted an entry for her school’s comic drawing competition few weeks back, and out of the blue, she came home with a trophy, winning an Excellence award for her entry.

Yan Yan seems to be progressing ok in her learning – she’s starting to read slowly, can recognize Chinese words that are taught at school and is pretty good at Maths.  The area for improvement that has been consistently highlighted by her class teacher in all the monthly progress report seems to be her lack of self confidence.  She seems to be very sensitive and concerned about what others think about her, and so most times at school, when she cannot grasp what the teacher was teaching, or if she couldn’t complete the work assigned, she’d break down and cry, instead of asking help from the teacher.  She also gives up easily and will simply say “I don’t know” instead of trying and making mistakes.  She seems to have this paranoia about making mistakes, so we gotta give her more encouragement to try.

Nonetheless, when I went for the Parents-Teachers Day, I was very pleasantly surprised to see this – she was Star Student of the Week!

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