June 09, 2015

7th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

I’ve heard so much about the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival and only finally got a chance to witness it this year.  Into its seventh year this year, it took place from March 12-15 at Precinct 2, Putrajaya.  The event this year featured over 20 balloons from 13 countries, including the USA, Germany, Netherlands and France.

We arrived at the site just in time to witness the first balloon floating away.  As it was already too late to purchase a ticket to enter the balloon launching area, we had to be contented to watch the balloons from the outside perimeter of the launching area.  The colourful, teardrop-shaped balloons were indeed a feast for the eyes.  The quirkiest had to be the one in the shape of Vincent van Gogh’s face, which failed to launch J

Close-up of a balloon being prepared

Up up and away

The van Gogh balloon that failed to launch.  Picture on right is of the balloon being deflated.

After all the balloons had lauched, we grabbed a quick breakfast from the many stalls set-up at the area.  There was tent set up for visitors to enjoy their meals but tables and chairs were very much in short supply.  After that, we visited the Cold Inflation balloon – basically a balloon inflated with cold air so visitors can step in to have a feel of what it’s in inside a balloon.

Outside the cold inflation balloon

Inside the cold inflation balloon

Tethered balloons for public to ride
Tickets for a ride on the tethered hot air balloons were also sold out, so we went on a helicopter joyride instead – our first time ever J  Girls enjoyed it tremendously.

Putrajaya from the air - Putrajaya is indeed a beautiful place

On the way to the carpark, we stopped by the zorbing arena and the girls burned off some energy zorbing on the water.

Getting into the orb

Fun on the water

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