March 30, 2015

Lions Club CNY charity dinner

On the 18th day of CNY, we attended a charity dinner for the underprivileged (children and old folks) organized by hubby’s Lions Club.

Members of the lion dance troupe arranging Mandarin oranges for the dance later

The night started with Lions dignitaries and sponsors officiating the event with the cutting of roast pork - yummy

Besides the customary speeches by the Lions dignitaries, there was a lion dance and various performances - stand-up comedy, a duo who made music and various sounds with their mouths, magic show and songs by local artistes.

God of Prosperity making his round around the hall

Stand-up comedian

The duo who made various sounds with just a mic in hand

Magic show

(L) Kids are enthralled by the magician (R) Yiu Yiu was spotted carrying Yan Yan on piggy back so Yan Yan could have a better view...sweet

Performance by local artistes - apparently they were contestants from previous Astro Talent Quest (Astro新秀大赛)

A photo with the cousins

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