March 18, 2015

Touristy Ipoh Old Town

During last year CNY when we were back in Ipoh, we visited the street art at the back alley between Jalan Masjid (Hume Street) and Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah (Hugh Low Street).  This time around, more street arts have sprouted, particularly around Ipoh Old Town.  I’ve also heard about the transformations of Ipoh Old Town with development like Sekeping Kong Heng and all the nice cafes and restaurants, so we decided to play tourist when we went back for CNY.

We started our day with breakfast at the famous Kong Heng coffeeshop.  I was also pleasantly surprised to bump into my university coursemate, who was also playing tourist J 

Surprise encounter with Yee Kuan and Ming Chong

After breakfast, we went camwhoring aroung Sekeping Kong Heng before heading to the Concubine’s Lane, where old shops are rejuvenated with a new lease of life, while still maintaining that old world charm.

Girls making their own cotton candy

We also went hunting for several street arts around Ipoh Old Town, drawn by renowned artist, Ernest Zacharevic as part of the Art of Old Town project.
Evolution - depicts the evolution of Ipoh from a tin mining town to what it is today

Kopi O - enjoying white coffee is part of Old Town culture and heritage

Old Uncle with coffee cup


Paper plane - children enjoying their care-free childhood

Girl - tiptoeing on plastic chair to reach the forbidden bird cage

These are not part of Ernest's project but still nice.

Another pack of kopi O

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