March 11, 2015

Girls' beloved nanny

This is the woman who helps me raise my daughters. She is the reason I can work and travel with absolute peace of mind knowing that my girls are in excellent hands. In the 9+ years that she's been taking care of them, never once have she pulled a long face when we are late to fetch them - and when I say late, it can be really late like 10-11pm if it so happens that both hubby and I have work commitments, though it's quite rare. She even offers to lets the girls stay overnight... when I have to travel to give hubby a break.

She treats them like her own and my girls in turn love her and her family to bits. Yiu Yiu doesn't go there anymore since she started primary school four years back so she always look forward to going to the her house during the school holidays.

Besides taking care of the girls, she also cooks our dinner so I get to eat home-cooked food without having to lift my fingers :-) She's also entrepreneurial, selling home-made moon cakes during Mid-Autumn Festival and prawn crackers during CNY. I seriously don't know where she finds the time and energy to do this, having to babysit during the day.

She turned 55 last week, and we wish her many more years of health and happiness.

I am really blessed to have found such a gem of a nanny. Yan Yan will go into primary school next year and will stop going to her house too, so we are all going to miss her and her cooking.


Small Kucing said...

you are truly bless with such good nanny.

Unknown said...

Good to here that you have a good nanny. Blessed