March 14, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

CNY is a time for gathering with family, relatives and friends, with lots and lots of food.  As usual, we headed back to Kuantan first.  On CNY eve, we headed out for our keropok lekor fix, followed by the beach.  I was walking ahead of the girls in the carpark and in an attempt to catch up with me, Yan Yan ran and fell, resulting in bad scrapes on both her knees.  So the beach plan was abandoned, and the poor girl celebrated her CNY with injured knees.  Luckily it dried up pretty quickly and she was up to her usual mischief the next day.

Her scraped knees 

First day of CNY was spent visiting a temple, followed by cendol and rojak as the famous Mustafa Cendol. 

Assortment of cookies and snacks prepared by MIL 

In the evening, the girls went out with their cousins for another round of keropok, and a short visit to the Teruntum Zoo, leaving mummy to enjoy a short siesta J 

 CNY will not be complete for the kids without fireworks, and we bought some just because.

On the morning of the second day, their 叔叔 took them on a walk around the kampong and the girls enjoyed themselves looking at a variety of plants and insects (pictures below taken by Yiu Yiu). 

They even spotted a crocodile 

As the cousins were due to return to Singapore the next morning, the kids wanted to go to the beach together so off we went.  The girls just LOOOVVVEEE the beach and sea.

After dinner, we celebrated MIL’s birthday with a cake at home.

We attended a friend’s open house on the third day and I saw my first lion dance for the year.


On the fourth day we made the long journey back to Ipoh, and had dinner with my side of the family, followed by more fireworks.


We went back to KL on the fifth day, after making a visit to the now touristy Ipoh Old Town and Concubine’s Street (details coming up in the next post).

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IamSuperMum said...

That's quite a nice place to enjoy keropok lekor! I thought it'd be some rustic roadside stall :)