July 17, 2015

Izumio & eczema

I worked in the infant milk industry previously and so is fairly familiar with childhood allergy and eczema.  However, I’ve not encountered an adult with severe eczema and so, was quite surprised that adult eczema is not uncommon.  Since being part of the Izumio community, I’ve seen many people who’ve lived with eczema for years and relying on steroid cream or Protopic ointment but without much success.

I’ve been amazed at how Izumio helped these ladies in their battle with eczema.

If you have been battling eczema, or know someone who is, take heart that there’s an effective option that may just be the light at the end of the tunnel in your battle against eczema.  Drop me a note at amomsdiary@yahoo.com if you want to know how Izumio can help with eczema.

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WK Liew said...

Never know people can have such serious eczema problem