July 31, 2015

TJC sports day 2015

A couple of days prior to the sports day, I was asked by the kindy administrator if I could assist to take photos at the event.  That took me by surprise, as I’m not that great a photographer.  I jumped at the opportunity, obviously, as that would allow me up, close and personal access to the happenings J

The event was held on the kindy ground, and started promptly at 8.30am with Teachers Evelyn and Esther as the emcee.  They warmed up the crowd with some fun exercises and many parents participated sportingly.  

This was followed by the children marching in, led by five boys – four flag bearers and another bearing a placard with this year’s theme, Noah’s Ark.

Yan Yan's class marching in

After singing the national anthem, Pastor Chris, Pastor Margaret and principal Teacher Ting Ai delivered their brief speeches, followed by an energetic dance by the 5-year old children.

Pastor Chris, Pastor Margaret and Teacher Ting Ai

 The events then began...

Dove and Leaf

 Rainbow Ark

Raise the Ark

This little cutie pie cried all through his routine :-) 

A short intermission for parents’ game.

Involving finding a pingpong ball hidden beneath some flour, and then blowing it across several cups of water

The event continued for the little one...

Race in the Ark

Rabbits hunt for food

Cheeky monkey feeding the hungry crocodile

  Yan Yan participated in the last game, All aboard, and her team came in second.

Here's a video of her in action.

And one last game for the parents before the medal ceremony, which her papa sportingly participated (much to my surprise!)

And his team came out 1st

This was followed by the medal ceremony, and every child was given a medal.

 Papa and daughter with their medals

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