August 24, 2015

Visit to KL Bird Park

Yan Yan’s kindy’s annual outing this year was to the KL Bird Park, the same place that her jiejie visited six years ago.  As I had gone through the drill with Yiu Yiu, I knew that with so many children on the trip, there’s hardly any time to really enjoy the visit, as it would be one mad rush from one place to another.  But kids being kids, she wanted to join the trip with her friends.  And so I accompanied her for the trip in late April.

Queuing to board the bus

It was a rather gloomy day…

Class photo at the entrance

…and true enough, the sky opened up not long after we arrived, and everyone had to seek shelter under the limited covered area of the park.

Sought shelter at one of the stalls

Luckily the rain was gone as soon as it came, and the children continued to walk around the park.

Soon after, everyone was assembled at the ampitheatre for the bird show.

Munching on some buns while waiting for the show to begin

The show was exactly the same as it was six years ago J

We made our way back to the buses after the show, and that marked the last kindy outing for Yan Yan at TJC.  I hope she has some good memories of the trip as a remembrance of her time with her kindy friends.

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