September 05, 2015

My personal story - Izumio for eczema

I started on Izumio and Super Lutein in the quest to improve the stubborn spot of eczema above my lips. It started in May last year and I've been given the usual steroid and Protopic creams, which I've had to use intermittently every few days whenever it flared.

I've been taking Izumio and Super Luton for almost five months now and I'm happy that I don't need to use the creams anymore. Here's a picture of before and after (the photos were taken under different lighting conditions but no editing whatsoever was done).

The before picture here is not the worst I've had. At the worst, the area was so dry that it cracked and bled. At times, i couldn't even open my mouth wide. Now, even if it flares, it's just a mild case of itchiness and flaky skin.

If you are interested to find out how Izumio can help in various disease conditions, do drop me a note at

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