September 18, 2015

School sports day 2015

Yiu Yiu participated in her school sports day in May.  She’s in the red house this year and was part of the red house students who participated in the march past.  Interestingly this year, each house was asked to have some costumes for the march past and Yiu Yiu was given a set of butterfly head band, wand and wings while some of the boys were dressed in Superman boxes…haha.

The days started with the usual marching in of students, followed by speeches by the headmaster and chairman of the PTA.

A sportsman reciting the pledge

This was followed some performances: Chiense drum, school orchestra, taekwando, wushu and gymrama.

The not-to be-missed Milo van :-)

Yiu Yiu was the reserve for the Standard 4 4x100m race but she didn’t get to run.  However, one of the participants of the lower primary classes’ telematches didn’t turn up so the sports teacher put her in for the match J

Her 4x100m team finished first, and she got a medal too.

Closing ceremony 

Red house was announced as the overall champion

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