April 16, 2008

Ask me or answer me?

Mummy was angry with Yiu Yiu coz she refused to eat her dinner but kept playing with her food instead. So mummy ignored Yiu Yiu despite her attempts to "pujuk" mummy.
Yiu Yiu (trying to make peace with mummy, snuggled close and in a manja voice): Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy,
Mummy (continued to ignore her to show mummy's anger)
Yiu Yiu (in a stern voice): Mummy, ask me
Mummy (saying in my heart): Huh! Ask me?!!
Yiu Yiu (repeating in a stern voice): Mummy, ask me
Mummy couldn't contain her laughter anymore and chuckled out loud. Actually she was trying to ask mummy to answer her, but I guess she couldn't find the right word and simply substituted it with something she knows.

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jazzmint said...

haha that's cute