April 26, 2008

Outing at the park

I had to work today and as hubby is in KK attending his Lions Club Convention, I sent Yiu Yiu to the babysitter for the most part of the day. We got home at about 5pm and I was thinking of a park to bring Yiu Yiu out for the evening, as the playground in our housing area would be crowded by kids from the low cost flat nearby (that’s another story altogether). I quickly made her dinner, which she promptly finished as I had told her we would go to the park after she finished her rice. As I strap her into the car seat, I decided to head to the Taman Tun Dr Ismail park. The park is popular with family with children, as well as joggers.

Adults and children alike enjoying the park

We’ve only been there once with Yiu Yiu when she was younger so she probably didn’t quite enjoy the park then. Today, she was so excited seeing the fishes and tortoises in the pond gobbling up the bread thrown into the pond. Then there were monkeys, and we saw few mother monkeys with their baby hanging onto the mummy’s stomach.

She was equally intrigued watching other kids catching those little fishes and prawns in the stream with nets, and promptly took off her slippers and walked into the clear stream too. She was enjoying herself thoroughly playing with water and sand, and promptly got herself wet.

Clockwise from top left: running away from mummy, looking longingly at the children by the stream, taking her first steps in the water, little lamb lost

Clockwise from top left: grabbing some sand from the stream; getting ready to throw; here you go; Ah! Mission accomplished

Blowing bubbles

A contented little girl

We left at about 7.15pm as it was getting dark, and her royal highness gave instructions that she wanted to come to the park again.


KittyCat said...

What a nice outing! Imagine having something so natural in KL...

Lucas has been yearning for a beach, sand and water too - hope he'll get his wish soon :0

jazzmint said...

wah i didn't know we stay so near..my kids love this place too

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat, it's one of the better maintained parks in this side of Klang Valley. I met someone I know who came all the way from Bangsar.

Jazz, I think I read about you taking them to this park too and it crossed my mind if I'd bump into you. Maybe next time we can plan to go together.