October 15, 2008

Day trips from Taipei (Part 1) – Yehliu and Danshui

Yehliu is a cape that is the extension of Datun Mountain. Due to interactions of active crustal movement, sea erosion and efflorescence for several million years, the Yehliu Geological Park has the most intriguing terrain landscapes in northern Taiwan. It features a number of interesting rock formations created over a long period of wave and wind erosion. Some of the formations have been named according to their shape such as Queen's Head, Fairy's Shoe and Candlestick Rock.

Located at the outlet of the Danshui River where it enters the sea, Danshui was once an important strategic military and economic hub. Its historic sites date back hundreds of years to when Taiwan was occupied by foreign powers and includes Hongmaocheng (Fort San Domingo), Huwei Fort and Puding Building. Along its old street are a number of shops selling local snacks and souvenirs. There's a harbour cruise that leaves from the old street to the Danshui Fisherman's Wharf. Visitors can walk along the boardwalk next to the harbour of Fisherman's Wharf and watch yachts and fishing boats floating in the marina. The "Lover's Bridge", a single slanted tower cable stay pedestrian bridge that is modeled after a sailing ship's mast and rigging, spans the harbor. The bridge's illumination changes color at night, making this area a favorite with local couples.


Lee said...

Hi Mom, those are beautiful photos.
I was last in Taiwan or Taipeh wayyyyy back in the 80's.
I remember I took two trips to see the Wu Lai Mountain people, they really beautiful people, also our lady tour guide really gorgeous....she seeing me again said, "didn't I see you here yesterday"? Haha.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

A Mom's Diary said...

u.lee, thanks for dropping by. nice pics of ontario you have in your blog.