October 21, 2008

Waterfalls and natural beauty of Wulai

Wulai is rich in mountain and natural scenery. Directly opposite our hotel is the Wulai Waterfall. With a beautiful epithet "Swift flow from the clouds", Wulai Waterfall rushes down from a height of 80 meters. It is the highest hanging distributary waterfall in Taipei County. One can also view the stunning beauty of the waterfall while taking the Yun-Hsien cable car up to the top of the falls where an amusement park called Dreamland is located.

Our typical Taiwanese (BIG) breakfast in the hotel, while enjoying the beauty of Wulai Waterfall

Cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom and the hillsides were dotted in bright pink. Wulai's mountain cherry blossoms, also known as "Cold Crimson" cherry, bloom mainly between January and February. Cold Crimson cherry is one of the darkest and richest in colour. When they are in full bloom, the entire tree appears crimson, and the green valley turns red.

The Neidong Forest Recreation Area is located 5km away from Wulai where the Neidong River runs into the Nanshih River at elevations of between 200 and 800 metres. This recreation area is surrounded by mountains and filled with forests, and there is large variation in the terrain, creating habitats for a diversity of plants and wildlife. We took a leisuley trek through the recreation area and not far from the main entrance is the Wusha Waterfall.

Further in, the Neidong River tributary forms a stunning landscape made of of three layers of waterfalls. The recreation area is rich in anions, created by the rushing of water from watefalls and the density of vegetation and trees. There are as many as 20,000 – 50,000 anions per sq cm, which makes the air fresher and supposedly has many health benefits, including boosting one's immune system whilst also promoting a sense of contentment and happiness.


Anonymous said...

the final shot is fabulous! now all you need is a PROPER camera -- a nikon dslr, of course ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

Mimi - haha...you're a Nikon fan, eh? The photo has nothing to do with my skills, that place is simply beautiful and that's the reason it turned out so well.

Anonymous said...

I love that last pic too - makes me want to dive in!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - it was lovely. I thought it looks like a scene from ancient Chinese movies, of angels frolicking in water.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so lucky. So young already travel to so many places. Not local, oversea somemore!

A Mom's Diary said...

Hijackqueen - I don't think she'll remember any of these. We brought her along because there's no one to care for her back home, and we paiseh to trouble the babysitter so much.