October 07, 2008

On the road – lessons for mummy

Lesson for mummy – always watch your words when driving with Yiu Yiu
I am not a very patient driver. Whenever someone cuts into my lane abruptly/rudely, I have a tendency to curse the other driver. Of course whenever Yiu Yiu is in the car, I try to watch my words but sometimes, the foul words still spew out unintentionally.

Incident 1
(Car/motorbike suddenly cuts into my lane)
Mummy: Stupid car/motorbike!
Yiu Yiu: The car/motorbike stupid ah?
Mummy: No, the car/motorbike not stupid, the driver is stupid.
(Few days later while driving home with her)
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, today no stupid car and stupid motorbike ah?
Mummy: Oh oh!

Incident 2
(A car swerved dangerously into my lane, nearly causing an accident)
Mummy: Bloody hell!
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, bar dee hell ah?
Mummy (face red liao, realizing my lack of self control): What blar dee hell? Mummy didn’t say anything ah.
Yiu Yiu: Got ah, you said bar dee hell ah
Mummy: No la, Yiu Yiu, that’s not a nice thing to say. Don’t say that again OK?
Yiu Yiu (humming to herself): Bar dee hell, bar dee hell
Luckily she forgot all about it the next day.
Note to self: MUST NOT say that again in front of her.


Anonymous said...

we most definitely must watch what we say, do or sing in front of kids! they pick up even the nonverbal stuff very quickly.

A Mom's Diary said...

Mimi - indeed, they are so quick with these things

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...at least your word is "stupid". We're trying to get rid of "Shut Up!" ;-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - really? I'm already laughing imagining how little Lucas would say "Shut Up!"