November 26, 2009

Finale of 1st year in kindy

Last Saturday was the 2nd Parents – Teachers Day at Yiu Yiu's kindy, where we met up with her class teacher for her progress report as well as her second term exam results. The first thing her teacher told us was that she was awarded the "Best Conduct" award for her class.

She said they had a simple ceremony last Thursday and Yiu Yiu was so proud when she was called to the front to receive the award and have her photo taken with the rest of the award winners.

The award was given to the student with the overall best behaviour throughout the year. I was surprised that the award was such a BIG deal coz she had shown me the laminated card when she got home that day, but she didn’t mention anything about getting called to receive the award or had her photo taken. I had assumed that it was just something the students got as an encouragement and/or souvenir for their graduation. How wrong I was!!! Anyhow, hubby and I still can't figure it out coz she doesn’t quite behave THAT well at home. But we are really proud of her nonetheless, and I feel a little guilty too, for losing my patience with her sometimes. Gotta remind myself to be more patient, and that she's just a 4-year old child.

Developmental wise, she has improved in all aspects, be it gross or fine motor skills, work habits, learning skills, language as well as mathematics skills. Exam wise, she scored full marks for Numbers, and 96 for Chinese and English.

The mistake she made for her English (L) and Chinese (R)

Her writing improved from B- to A-, and there was an obvious improvement, when I compare the previous and current writing exam sheets.

Her writing at mid-term (L) and now (R)

She is still very bossy with her classmates :-) Sometimes she will imitate or pretend to be the teacher and order her classmates around, even in the presence of her teacher. She'll say things like, "Teacher Esther says keep quiet", "Teacher Esther says sit down" or "Teacher Esther says don't do this". We were also told that she's one of the better students in her class and sometimes, she'll be asked to assist/coach her classmates. And again, little Miss Bossy will go around telling her friends, "No, it's not like this. You're wrong" or "Don't write this way. It's this way" or to the extent of erasing her friends work and holding their hands to write the proper word/alphabet. You say la, pengsan or not?

She's still very TALKATIVE and can talk non-stop with her friends. When she doesn’t get her way (e.g., when she's not awarded stickers or when the teacher refuses her requests), she loves to question why. But as long as she's given a reasonable explanation, she'll understand and comply.

This first year in kindy has really done her a world of good - she has really learnt and developed much, and she's looking forward to be in the 5-year old class next year.


ryeli said...

well done yiu-yiu! never knew you have an english name.

anyhow, you're the smallest in size in the class and i'm trying to picture you being bossy to the bigger ones. so cute! :)

2ma said...

well done yiu yiu!!!

Yaggya said...

Congrats to Yiu Yiu for bagging the award and also for her remarkable achievement and progress in studies. A pat on the back from me.

A Mom's Diary said...

2ma/Yaggya - thanks.

Syn - haha, Esther is her teacher's name la. Exactly, she's the smallest in class but sooo BOSSY :-)

jazzmint said...

congrats Yiu Yiu!!! Faythe must be the laziest student in class as she's always sleeping *slap forehead*

Liew said...

Aiyo bossing the kids around is easy peasy for her, she even bossed the adults around her!! That is where she practises her bossy skills ;)

Unknown said...

Hi!!Im actually quite interested to let my son attend a Fungates kindie...and the ones i shortlisted are tadika Juara Cerdik and another one in Kota Dsara. Since Yiu Yiu have been with them for 2 years(correct me if i'm wrong!!)how do you find the syllabus?

WIll the chinese be sufficiient for the student who will be attending primary1 next year? Hope to hear fro9m you soon! :)