November 24, 2009

Garden theme school party

Yiu Yiu's kindy had their year-end school party last Friday, the last day of school. This time, the theme is Garden, and the children were asked to dress as a flower, fruit, vegetable or bug, things commonly found in a garden.

Yiu Yiu wanted to become a butterfly and I bought these from a party supplies shop near my office.

I needed to get her a pair of leotard/bodysuit to go with the wings and since I had no idea where to get them, I asked this mummy who always dresses her two princesses in pretty outfits. She graciously offered to lend me Ashley's ballet costume, since Yiu Yiu only needed it for the party. Thanks Christene.

As with the earlier party, the kindy was already a hive of activity when we arrived at about 8.15am.

Yiu Yiu was so excited and was running all over the place with her friends. Dunno how I managed to capture this, but I love the sense of motion in the photo.

With Chloe, who's also dressed as a butterfly

And Faythe, who's dressed as a flower

The wall decorated with artwork made by the students. Yiu Yiu's class made the whale, starfish and clams.

I initially wanted to bake some Oreo cupcakes for her to bring as snacks for sharing. As it was a new recipe, I baked a batch the weekend before just to try out and ensure they would turn out right, which they did. Unfortunately, the little butterfly pronounced that she didn’t like it, and so didn't want to bring them to her party. When I asked her what she wanted to bring, she said guava. Haha! But I thought guava would be a little too plain and simple, and some children may not like the fruit, so I prepared these.

Plenty of food for the children: (L) Perishable food items to be consumed (R) Individually packed biscuits, candies, etc to take home.

Tucking in

Hooray for a wonderful year with her classmates in Jasmine class


Chinneeq said...

Yiu Yiu looks so pretty in pink. You don't plan to enrol her into ballet? U know, QQ just started hers 2 weeks ago and she love it so much, always looking forward for friday for her ballet class. I regreted for not enrolling her earlier.

smallkucing said...

She doesn't look like a butterfly. In fact she look like a very pretty Garden Fairy! Can I have a wish please, Little Pretty Fairy?

Liew said...

She looks good in the costume. Mmmm time to send her to ballet class perhaps ;)?

Hui-Wearn said...

FYI Metrojaya having a Christmas Little Angel contest! find out more at

*Thanks for dropping by my blog! Glad to know that you are also a former X-stitch Kaki! LOL!

BoeyJoey said...

I like Yiu Yiu's outfit, especially her cute antennas :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee/WK - yeah, she looks really good in the ballet costume rite? No such plan as yet coz she's currently enrolled in art and music classes.

Smallkucing - hehe, the mummy too lazy to create a costume or look around too much, so just cincai cincai only :-)

HW - thanks for the info, maybe it's time to go shopping coz each entry needs to be accompanied by a RM100 receipt :-) I've been reading your blog on and off, just never leave any footprint :-)

Boey Joey - she actually pulled the fluffy ball off the antenna on the way to kindy that morning, and I had to make an emergency stop to babysitter's house to borrow some glue to fix it back. What naughty hands she has :-)