March 16, 2010

Arts & crafts

Here are some of Yiu Yiu's arts & crafts projects, from kindy, arts class, and at home – some recent, while some were from as far back as last year. Mummy had forgotten to post them up :-)

Christmas tree and lion (using a recycled toilet tissue cardboard roll)

Chinese New Year card (front and inside) - words in pen were written by her teacher while she scribbled the rest with pencil

Fish, crab, birthday cake and some decorative card

Happy family - papa, mummy, Yiu Yiu and mei-mei. She doodled this while in the car

Can you guess what this picture is? According to her, it's a drawing of papa and mummy playing football, with the ball being kicked into the net. She drew this while at Yihao's house. Notice the difference of the people in this picture compared to the top one? She used a coin to trace out the head, and a ruler to draw out the body and limbs. I guess she must have observed Yihao doing the same.


smallkucing said...

gosh...this just makes me feel so fuzzy warm inside :D

Liew said...

Yeah the 2 cousins can certainly learn from each other. It also help that both of them are so competitive - each of them wants to do better than the other!!

BoeyJoey said...

I love all her artwork, especially the family potrait and the goldfish :-). I was thinking that her last picture is soooo neat... no wonder, she uses coin and rular... clever girl :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - thanks :-)

WK - actually Yihao is very artistically inclined. If he's given proper guidance, I'm sure he'll excel in art.

Boey Joey - that's the first time I see her using ruler and coin too. Must be influence from her cousin.