March 31, 2010

Bento post #124 – #130

Chocoloate flavoured mantou with heart-shaped cheesy cocktail sausage and rose apple.

Chicken nugget with potato wedges, and tomato ketchup in the blue tub, with two pieces of orange at the side.

Shell shaped pasta in Bolognese sause with guava slices in the shape of butterfly.

Pan fried chicken drummet with plain dinner roll and two pieces of apples. I had wanted to cut the skin in a checkered pattern but I abandoned the idea since I was running late.

Red bean pau with meatballs, and bear-shaped guava.

Fried rice with half a pear.

Cheesy sausage sushi with meatballs and slices of mandarin oranges.


smallkucing said...

wow the 1st one so cute

Liew said...

So out of all these bentos, how many did ur doter finish? And how many did ur nephew finish?

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - the magic of food cutters :-)

WK - apparently Yihao polished off every bit every time :-) My daughter eats some at kindy, and finishes them off at babysitter's.