March 28, 2010

Yan Yan – 8th month update

She's finally able to sit steadily unsupported.

But somehow, she doesn't quite like to be in this position. After a while, she'd resume the crawling position and transport herself everywhere, even though she may have something in her hands to keep her occupied. Another milestone is her ability to pull herself to standing position.

She amazes herself with the sound her hands make while clapping, though she doesn't quite understand it yet when we ask her to clap. On the other hand, she seems to know to open and close her fingers when we ask her to wave bye-bye. She's definitely weaned herself from thumb sucking as she's not been doing so for the last couple of weeks.

She hates being left alone, even for the shortest period. When hubby is not home and I have to tend to both girls myself, she can be playing happily on her own while I get Yiu Yiu ready for bed. But the moment we step into the bathroom to brush Yiu Yiu's teeth, she'd cry out and start crawling towards the bathroom. Another incidence that is sure to induce sreaming is when we remove things from her hands.

Several weeks back, she started wailing during our daily car journey home. As miraculously as it appeared, it had also miraculously stopped. Thank goodness for that - at least the daily drive home is not as stressful anymore.

We started her on porridge 2-3 weeks ago and she seems to love it more than cereal. I don’t blend her food anymore but simply mash the fish and mix them into the porridge. She can move her mouth as if chewing her food, though there's no signs of her teeth yet.


smallkucing said...

Mine didnt have teeth till he was nearly 1yr old :)

Jayne said...

Pitty canot see the photo's you have a nice blog !

2ma said...

happy 8 month yan yan! she looks more mature than her age *hehe*

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - I think she's sprouting hers soon. She's been pushing her gum with her tongue very often these days.

Jayne - thanks for dropping by, but how come you can't see the photos?

2ma - hehe...she looks big eh?

KittyCat said...

I'm counting down LOL Mine's just starting to sit and kick in the bathtub...

Can't wait to check her progress at next month's check-up :)