February 26, 2011

FGS Dong Zhen

This is a very nice place to visit during CNY as it’s specially decorated with flowers, lights and statues; but it is also extremely crowded! The last time I went was when Yiu Yiu was still a baby in my arms. Mum had always wanted to revisit this temple but somehow, over the last few years, we didn’t manage to. So one Saturday before the CNY ended, I drove there with mum, with my two girls and their cousin, Xiaoyu in tow.

We arrived just before 6pm while it’s still bright enough to capture some daylight photos.

Rabbits welcoming visitors to FGS

Thank goodness there were some amusement rides at an open space just outside the temple, so the girls were kept entertained while we waited for night fall to capture the beautiful lights.

Entrance to FGS is free, but I suppose profits from these rides more than made up for it. I think I busted close to RM40 just for these three rides.

Yiu Yiu slipped and fell while I was trying to take a photo for her here, and she refused the camera after that. What a pity coz the lighted decorations were really pretty.

Love the reflection on the little puddle of water

So long rabbits...till the next time.

We went for a late dinner at about 9pm at one of the restaurant in Jenjarom town – nothing spectacular but the price was quite a rip-off. I suppose they were not worried about overcharging, as they know we were simply a bunch of once-in-a-year customers.


Small Kucing said...

Havent been there yet after so many yrs :(

LittleLamb said...

This is during CNY or after? I wonder do they still have the lights. I dont mind making a trip there next week.

Liew said...

Next stop is i-City

zealvia said...

Nice place! where is the location place anyway? hopefully i can go next year and make it as place MUST go by CNY:)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - go drag your papa there next year :-)

LittleLamb - I think the lights and deco were put up for CNY only.

WK - my thought too.

Zealvia - thanks for dropping by. The temple is in Jenjarom.

Chinneeq said...

we went there too, on a tuesday just before the CNY ends. Seems that everything inside that temple is so commercialise now. Even simple pau from their restaurant were overly pricey. Anyway u got so many nice pics from that temple!

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - yeah, things are so overpriced. I bought a packet of popcorn for RM5, I think.