February 19, 2011

Violent behaviours

The two sisters were eating some biscuits when the little one went near to jie-jie and offered jie-jie a bite of her biscuit. Jie-jie, thinking that mei-mei didn’t want the biscuits anymore since it’s only a teeny weeny piece left, ate the whole piece away from mei-mei, instead of taking a bite.

The little rascal got angry and pulled jie-jie’s hair so hard that some strands of hair ended up in her hand. Jie-jie yelped in pain, and gave mei-mei back the biscuit.

Guess what happened next?

Mei-mei shoved back the few strands of hair to jie-jie, and said, “Nah!” As if saying “Here’s your hair, since I got my biscuit back.”

Mei-mei was beaten by papa for attacking jie-jie, but I tell you, she didn’t cry. Didn’t even flinch when she took the hit. Haiyo!


Mei-mei shoved a book to jie-jie (probably with the intention of asking jie-jie to read to her), and jie-jie took it from her. But when mei-mei asked for the book back, jie-jie didn’t want to hand it over. Mei-mei struck back by biting jie-jie on her tummy.

A small section with the skin bitten off, and another bigger section with a bruise

So ganas, this girl. Wonder where she learnt these bad behaviours from!


MeRy said...

Ops.....really have to pay full attention on them..

Hui-Wearn said...

my girl also very ganas wan........
maybe it's because they are the 2nd child and they feel a need to defend themselves?

Liew said...

Wah she really has a very stubborn streak in her

A Mom's Diary said...

MeRy - but sometimes, the little one acts faster than the lightning. Sigh!

HW - many friends also tell me their #2 is more ganas. But with Yan Yan, her che che never once bullied her, so where did that defence mechanism come from?

WK - this is one pengsanmycin girl.

LittleLamb said...

hehhehe most likely inherited genes. btw, u got meimei to apologise to jiejie?

A Mom's Diary said...

LittleLamb - yes, and she'll happily say sorry :-) Don't think she understands the concept yet.

Chinneeq said...

hahaha...very ganas wor your little girl. u wont have to worry at all for this daughter when she grows up :)

SleeplessInKL said...

I find some correlation between the kind of cartoons my children watch and their behaviour. Cartoons that involve a lot of fighting and hitting (eg Power Rangers, Tom & Jerry) seem to make them more aggressive. So I've permanently blocked Cartoon Network using the Astro decoder at home and I also screen the other shows that they watch. Hope this helps.


A Mom's Diary said...

Mimi - but I don't think her violent streak is due to TV. She hardly watches any.