June 23, 2011

First semester Parents-Teacher Day

Last Saturday was Parents-Teacher Day at Yiu Yiu’s kindy, the day parents collect the report card for first semester examination, as well as getting an update of their children’s progress from the class teacher. Yiu Yiu already pre-empted me that her teacher will comment that she’s talkative! Must give her credit for having self awareness. Haha…

While waiting for my turn, I flipped her exam papers and saw this:

Haiya this girl ah! Copy also can copy wrongly, and that careless mistake cost her three marks.

All her papers

Overall, my pre-schooler is doing well, judging from what her teacher said:
• She has good attitude in trying/giving her best in everything that she does, and willingness to learn. Apparently she’s sometimes used as a good example to her classmates :-)
• She gets praised for her neat handwriting, and whenever it happens, she would be in cloud nine!
• She’s a bit slow in her work, but the teacher attributes it to her wanting to turn in her best work.
• She can sometimes overanalyze things, resulting in her confusing herself when solving simple questions/problems. Whoa! So young already having the “Paralysis by analysis” syndrome :-)
• She gets along well with her friends.
• She’s ever so generous in sharing her food with the teacher, though I think this is also driven by the fact that she would not need to eat so much if someone else is helping her finish up her food!

Her teacher didn’t mention about her being talkative so when I asked, she immediately concurred, and added that she can even be naggy, especially to the boys, to get them to do their work properly :-) Why am I not surprised?!

When I raised that she still doesn’t seem to get her phonics and spelling right, her teacher wasn’t too concerned, since she’s reading quite well, which I’ve also noticed lately. She just asked me to continue encouraging Yiu Yiu to read, which isn’t too difficult, since she likes reading.


chanelwong said...

Well Done, Yiu Yiu...

BuffaFly said...

my Joseph made the exact same mistake copying the word "teacher"!!! And I told him the same thing....copy also can copy wrong. haha!

WK Liew said...

Aiyo 3 marks only la. After all she's only in kindy. Her results are still very good

BoeyJoey said...

Paralysis by analysis - hahah, so cute! I would love to talk to her sometime, must be amusing :-).

Yiu Yiu is doing so well :-). Good job, and keep it up!

A Mom's Diary said...

Chanel - thanks.

Buffafly - really? Haha!

WK - I'm not concerned about the marks la, just the fact that she can be so careless.

Boey Joey - we should meet up someday, and our kids can make friends with one another too.