June 07, 2011

Short holiday at Impiana Cherating

School holidays are here but I could not spend much time with Yiu Yiu as I was away for most of last week, and again over the next two days. Hubby had planned on going back to Kuantan the weekend school holidays started, so I suggested that we checked into a hotel and let the girls have some holiday fun. Most hotels at along the Kuantan – Kemaman road was running on full occupancy but I managed to find one (and probably last) room at Impiana Resort Cherating.

So after spending a night in Kuantan at in-laws’ house, we headed to the resort the next day. Knowing the standards of hotels along this stretch, I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the room, in particular the bathroom.

The long stretch of beach on which the hotel is located is also clean and quiet.

Since it was the school holidays, the hotel had several activities lines up for the guests – among them, colouring and cooking for children.

Later that evening, we hit the beach before winding up at the pool.

Instead of driving all the way to Kemaman, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant about 8km way. The restaurant also serve stuffed crab, which is what Kemaman is famous for, and we promptly ordered three. Food was pretty decent, and price was reasonable.

After breakfast the next morning, we went to the pool again before checking out and heading back to KL.


Small Kucing said...

such a wonderful time

MeRy said...

Nice trip..

chanelwong said...

I am sure the kids had a wonderful time...

zmm said...

This looks like a rather decent hotel. We stayed in Cherating at Holiday Villa before as well as Legend, and finds them so so only.

A Mom's Diary said...

Small Kucing/MeRy - a good break with the girls.

Chanel - Especially Yiu Yiu.

ZMM - I think the standard of all the hotels along Cherating are almost the same, though I've only been to Impiana :-) Club Med may be better.