December 29, 2011

Day 8: Dambulla – Negombo

We took it easy and had a leisurely breakfast before checking out at about 10am and embarked on the 3.5hr journey to Negombo.  After checking into the Silver Sands Resort, we took a walk along the road which is a tourist area and randomly chose a restaurant for lunch.

Then we headed to the city centre, but there wasn’t much to see, save for a few churches, as Negombo has a large Christian population, due to its Dutch heritage.

St. Mary's Church

St. Sebastian's Church

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the beach.

Yiu Yiu can't wait to get to the beach

She really loves the water...

 ...while Yan Yan was contented just playing sand

Our last sunset in Sri Lanka...till we meet again!

After dinner consisting of fried rice and noodles, garlic fried chicken with rice, and beef curry with rice, I stayed back at the hotel with Yan Yan as she was getting sleepy, while the rest took a walk outside the hotel for some last minute souvenir shopping.

That was the end of our 9D/8N trip to Sri Lanka, and we left the hotel at 5.30am the next morning to catch our 8.15am flight back to KL.


Unknown said...

Sorry to sound uninitiated but I never knew Sri Lanka had beautiful churches or beaches, or even thought of it as a tourist attraction. Your trip changed my perspective. Happy new year to you and family!

chinnee ( said...

U all really have a great time! Btw, is it expensive travel to Sri Lanka?

A Mom's Diary said...

Irene - that's the beauty of blogging eh? We learn new things all the time :-) Sri Lanka is quite an interesting country to visit - I'd highly encourage anyone thinking of doing so. Blessed 2012 to you and yours too.

Chinnee - I find it expensive compared to the standard of living there. Hotels/guest houses cost easily between RM200-300, and you can't even expect the same quality of similar priced hotels in Malaysia. Entrance fees for tourists to all the major attractions are few times more than what locals pay. Food in touristy restaurants (not high class restaurants, mind you) can cost between RM20-25 for a plate of fried rice/noodles, but we can find much cheaper food at regular restaurants.