December 31, 2011

2011 - The year that was

2011 has been a rather quiet year on this blog – a record low number of posts, 89 including this round-up post! I attribute it to laziness, and lack of diligence in keeping track of day-to-day happenings :-)

Looking back at 2011, it seemed we had a blast as we went for many outings and short holidays :-)
• Revisited KL Bird Park with the kids.
• Took the girls to Sunway Lagoon, courtesy of Citibank.
• Visited FGS Dong Zhen after a hiatus of several years.
• Organized a Cuti-cuti Pahang with mum, younger sis, and the kids.
• Took the girls for a short holiday at Impiana Cherating.
• Rounded up the year with a fantastic family trip to Sri Lanka.

I travel quite a bit for work, but this year, the travelling seemed more than usual.
• Finally got the chance to step foot in Jakarta, not once, not twice, but three times within the same year, for work.
• Revisited Prague and Amsterdam.
• And while in Amsterdam, got a chance to visit Keukenhoff, on its very first day of opening in 2011.
• Went for a short working trip to Hong Kong.
• For the first time in my life, I saw dolphins and whales in the wild.

On the domestic front,
• Mum appeared on an Astro CNY promotional ad.
• Had the scare of my life when Yiu Yiu bumped her head and suffered a deep gash on her forehead.
• Yiu Yiu attended quite a few of her classmates’ birthday parties. I suppose many parents took the trouble to organize the parties as this is the last year the children are together in kindergarten.
• I took the effort to organize some token of appreciation for Yiu Yiu’s kindy teachers during Teacher’s Day and year end party, the first and last time I did so in her kindergarten years.
• Enrolled Yiu Yiu into a hip hop dance class at her request.
• Had my first ever (I think) mother daughter outing with Yiu Yiu on her birthday.
• And the event of the year is definitely Yiu Yiu’s graduating from kindy. In a few days time, my (not so little) girl will begin a new chapter in her life as a primary school student. There’ll be new routines and new challenges, and I hope we will take these changes into our stride.

And this is what the man of the house got for the three ladies in his life as a New Year gift :-)

Wishing everyone a Blessed 2012.


LittleLamb said...

Happy New Year to you. Hope 2012 will be better than the previous year.

Unknown said...

Happy new year to you and family! Hope Yiu Yiu and Yan Yan are enjoying the last 48hours of their school hols. For me, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that school starts on 4th, not 3rd as I initially thought. Hehehehe...

A Mom's Diary said...

LittleLamb - thanks, I hope so too. Blessed 2012 to you and P too.

Irene - Odd eh, that school starts on 4th and not 3rd :-)