May 16, 2011

Birthday parties

Yiu Yiu attended three of her kindy mates’ birthday parties so far this year, excluding those who may have celebrated at school. Here’s a recap of the parties:

Picnic by the pool – March 12
This was supposed to be a picnic by the beautiful pool side of Ameera Condo, and each family was given picnic basket containing sandwiches, Danish pastries, curry puffs, a packet of Cheezel Bizkitz, bananas and packet drinks. Unfortunately it rained cats and dogs when the party started so all the families had their picnic inside the host’s condo. When the rained finally subsided, we proceeded to the pool for some water fun.

The children also played some games organized, before taking a shot at hitting the piñata. It ended shortly after the singing the birthday song and cake cutting. I also met this gorgeous mummy for the first time, as our daughters are in the same class this year.

Jungle Gym – April 24
This was the second time we attended a party at Jungle Gym, the first one being quite an elaborate one last year. As usual, the children worked out an appetite playing in the gym, before ushered out for their snacks, singing birthday song and cake cutting.

Kizsports – May 7
This Kizsports was previously located at the old wing of 1-Utama, and they are now at Empire Shopping Gallery. This was our first time there, and I find the playing area rather small compared to 1-Utama. The children played inside the playland for about 30 minutes, before being ushered into the game area for some games.

It was snack time after 30 minutes of fun, before the customary birthday song and cake cutting.


Liew said...

Lucky gal :)

Alice Law said...

Looks like a great day and an awesome party for your girl!^^

Unknown said...

Hi, hahaha... really nice to meet up with you too! Kids these days are sooo blessed to have all these parties. Vic sometimes think aloud about what theme she wants next year... sshheesshhh!!

I like the pic of YY in the pool... very nice.

chanelwong said...

sooo many birthday

Suhana said...

Our girls are having a ball of a time during bday parties, unlike our time. But I shudder at the extent of celebration given to some kids..

Hui-Wearn said...

Wow - you brought YY to all 3 parties! We could only make it for the Jungle Gym one.... nice meeting you that day!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - tell me about it.

Alice - definitely, she enjoyed herself very much.

Irene - Ben 10 again? Haha...

Chanel - yeah lor, kids these days are so lucky.

SuAvaTia - I suppose all parents want to make their children happy, so some with the means will splurge a bit more.

HW - haha...looks like I have no social life beyond her social life! Nice meeting you too, too bad you were not around earlier, else we could have chatted more.