May 08, 2011

Chamang Waterfall and Genting Strawberry Farm

The children woke up early the next morning, excited with the thought of going for a picnic at the waterfall. We had breakfast at Bukit Tinggi Village before driving about 30 minutes to Chamang Waterfall. It is quite an awesome place.

Trees are marked with their common and scientific names

Close-up of the rapids

A huge signboard with statistics of drowning incidence over the years, and various sign posts reminding visitors to keep safe.

We went back to the apartment to shower and checked out, before having lunch at Bukit Tinggi Village again!

It was already close to 4pm when we left Bukit Tinggi so we decided to forego Colmar Tropicale and headed to Gohtong Jaya to visit the Genting Strawberry Farm. It was a first time for the children, and me as well, visiting a strawberry farm and picking strawberries.

Only a small section of the shrubs was open for visitors to pick the berries from, and I supposed since it was a long weekend, there was not many ripe, luscious berries left so we only picked about 10 berries, and paid RM6.00 for them. Surprisingly there were quite nice, not that sour.

Little Red Riding Hood?

We reached home at about 7pm, and the girls konked out very early that night :-)


Small Kucing said...

10 berries for rm6. Must have been big ones.

Happy Mother's Day to you

BoeyJoey said...

"Little Red Riding Hood" is very cute :-).

we've never been to this trawberry farm yet... must go one day :-).

Suhana said...

I absolutely love your blog. More so when I look at your girls, remind me of mine, especially your youngest. Feels like I may need to go back to blogging :)

Keep it up

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - nah, teeny weeny ones only. And all also not luscious red berries :-(

Boey Joey - thanks, I love that shot.

Suhana - thanks. Yeah, you should start again. It's my way of keeping the memories alive.

Genting Strawberry Farm said...

Super enjoy my visit in the Straberry Farm but didn't able to check the falls.. Will be coming back there for sure..