May 31, 2011

Auto repair

When I was driving my old Iswara, I used to frequent an auto repair shop in Seapark. Besides the usual car service where engine oil and filter was changed, being an old car, I visited the same shop on many other occasions for minor repairs, since I find that the shop is quite honest and reasonable in their charges.

I stopped visited that shop when I changed to my current Naza, and only went to Naza’s appointed service agent, in order not to violate the warranty. Few years back, there was a problem with the radiator and my car was in the affected batch so I got my radiator replaced.

And now, since the warranty period has lapsed, someone recommended an auto repair shop near my house, which specializes in Naza models. Besides the reasonable pricing, there’s also the convenience of them taking and delivering my car back to my doorstep.


WK Liew said...

Eh where is the shop ah? There is one near the coffee shop where Mom used to go for pan mee one. That one is also good with reasonable price too

Small Kucing said...

haiz...each time there are sound from the car sure means wallet empty :(

Unknown said...

When it comes to my car, I don't know all these stuff. But yea, I agree with you that good to have a good service centre that could do pick up and delivery too, saves ALOT of trouble and inconveniences!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - it's in the industrial area nearby.

smallkucing - yeah, each repair will burn a hole in the pocket.

Irene - that's why it's so important to have a reliable and trustworthy mechanic. Coz we don't know any better :-)