May 20, 2011

Teacher's Day

Teacher’s Day fell on Monday this week. I’ve never done anything for Teacher’s Day the last two years – the first year it just never crossed my mind, and last year, I only realized it was Teacher’s Day after the date had passed. Since this is the final year for Yiu Yiu in kindy, I made an effort to do something, so I ordered these chocolate lollies, and printed a simple card with the name of each teacher at the kindy.

Yiu Yiu was pleasantly surprised when she saw those treats last Thursday. And when I asked if she wanted to distribute them the next day or wait till Monday, not surprisingly, she couldn’t wait – so off the lollies went to the teachers last Friday. I had a meeting in the morning so hubby took her around to give to all the teachers who’ve taught her the last three years. He passed the rest to her class teacher to distribute, but apparently, Yiu Yiu said her class teacher took her around to distribute to everyone :-)

With her class teacher this year (top left), 4-year old class teacher (top right), her current Mandarin teacher (bottom left) and 5-year old class Mandarin teacher (bottom right). Her 5-year old class teacher was not around that day.


Small Kucing said...

That is very nice of the teachers :D

Liew said...

She must be really really proud & very very happy that day!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

small kucing - yeah, I was surprised too.

WK - most definitely. That's why she couldn't even wait till the actual day :-)